Wetprinting – old paper

This here is a good source of information :


And a few opinions :

R O: Multigrade developer will work with RC & FB paper. The FB paper will take longer to develop.

T K: The Brovira is worth it’s weight in gold to passionate lith printer! for tips on conventional printing with old papers, see lower part of Unblinking Eye article. I’ve also tried Caffenol with good success…..using Caffenol C-L with lower alkali content.

M K: Can also depend a little on which paper developer, Multigrade is a phenidone based developer and will likely work better with benzotriazole that with potassium bromide.

J M: Potassium Bromide works great for me, I have several boxes of stuff that’s older than I am and it’s got a good look.

M K: It should also be noted that BZT Benzotriazole cools off print color and potassium bromide can warm it up but that the KBr warm tone can be a little greenish depending on paper.

T P: try processing the paper in dectol developer

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