Reversal processing of photopaper

You need to overexpose the paper up to 3 stops, never underexpose.


Paper developer, normal or thinner than usual

Rotes Blutlaugensalz, 40g/Liter water to bleach

Natriumsulfit, 90g/Liter water to clear

lightsource to flash the paper

Overexpose the photopaper up to 3 stops (if to dark, overexpose more)

Develop fully, paper will be rather dark.

short stop in water

Bleach. Minimum 2 min. When nothing more happens,

short stop in water

Clear. Minimum 2 min. Pic gets milky

Water Stop, put paper in with pic upside.

Flash paper: minimal flash or light. (if you do sepia or sulphur toning you do not need the flashing or the second development, the toner does work without these steps)

Second development, you can thin the developer 1:1.

5. Fix, long Waterbath

If pic isa to dark: In light bleach with 1:5 soluted bleach till the result is good and than stop in water. Again developing of the highlights in thin (1:10) developer, repeat if needed.

Another Fix and waterbath….

(This procedure was published from Rüdiger Hartung (great guy btw) in the facebook group Analoge Fotografie.)

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