Tips & Tricks – Minox film cutting

The biggest problem was to find empty cassettes, and – as soon I had bought some new film – I found about a dozen on the bay.

Reloading is rather simple after a few training runs, I use a Jimmy Li cutter I love and a diy 3D printed cutter (I did this later) also.


Determine the needed length of film
36 exposure Minox film total length = 36 x 12 = 432mm
Minox film leader : 60mm
Minox film trailer : 60
One roll Minox film total length= 432+60+60=552mm

Two rolls of Minox film = 552 x 2 =1104mm
Roller cutter leader : 70mm
35mm cassette trailer 20mm
Length of film required to make 4x 36 exp Minox film = 1104+70+20 =1194 mm
1194 divided by 38mm( one 35mm film frame =36mm +2mm gap) =31.5 exposure
Using a 36 exposure film to cut Minox film is wasting 4 x 38mm of film
So use a bulk loader to cut a 32 exposure film, that is enough for 4 rolls of 36 exposure film

Cut film in the darkroom with Jimmy Li roller cutter.

The diameter of roller cutter=10mm, one turn slitting 31.416mm film
Film in 35mm cassette (self loaded) = 1194mm
1194 divided by 31.416=38 turn
Therefore count 38 turns with the cutter knob, know that all the film is being cut.  

Remove the sprocket strips, take one of the 9.2mm film strip, fold in halves, cut in the middle to make 2 rolls of 36 exp Minox film, do the same with the other strip.
Now put these 4 strips of 36 ex film in a light tight canister, for next rolling step  

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