Darkroom – grain !

In my opinion the discussion about grain is very difficult to join.

Of course I´d like a picture without annoying grain, but – I don´t need to look at a 50cm * 50cm print with magnifing glasses to diskuss the grain.

The bigger the print, the longer the viewing distance, the less important is the grain.

If I don´t like it – take a medium format negative for enlargement, take a film with 25 ISO and expose it for 10 Iso, expose for the shadows, use a developer for fine grain and soften the light of the enlarger.

Don´t use a Tri X 400 pushed to 1600 in 35 mm developed in Rodinal with lots of agitation and scan it 😉

Or go digital…

Often you get a lot of problems scanning. The scanner „sees“ often an overlay of multiple film structures, theese structures look like an very big grain, but lastly this is an artefact of the scanning technique. You often won´t see them in enlarger prints.

If you scan, print with the enlarger, take a foto of your negatives, each positive will show very different results.

 But please send in tips and tricks you know about nonetheless, I´d love to know.

Last not Least : There are lots of programms and apps with one goal only :

To impose a realistic grain on digital images 😉

More here

and here :


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