Linux — Dell laptop and Macbook air

in the last weeks to friends of mine did the switch to linux.

I promised to list the programs/extensions I use on my ubuntu laptop.

Here they are, in no specific order.

I switched to Kubuntu on the Dell laptop. 
The gnome desktop is not flexible enough for me.

KDE is nice, there is just one glitch I do not understand:
Only in Kubuntu installing .deb packages with apt or doubleklick I got frequently a "Not resolved dependencies" error.
I was in despair, but then I read this error is a fake, 
I should use dpkg -i to install.
And... that did it. Why???

And another problem I did not see in Ubuntu:
The NAS smb was shown in Nautilus, but not in Dolphin...

My Ubuntu and / (a few of them) Kubuntu mods:

gnome extensions

applications menue extension
alphabetical app grid extension

espanso / autokey
midnight commander  (mc)

super tux cart ;-)


Gnome gmail
Gnome Sushi

dock to panel
Tiling Assistant

Okular  Dokumentenviewer / Kate
XN View



network stats  extension
(executor extension)

google earth view wallpaper

Google earth 
get -O google-earth64.deb
sudo dpkg -i google-earth64.deb
sudo apt-get -f install; rm google-earth64.deb

nvidea  ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Fingerprint reader Dell laptop:

echo "
deb focal-dell public
deb focal-oem public
deb focal-somerville public
deb focal-somerville-melisa public" | \
sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/focal-dell.list

# Add the Dmacbook airell repository key (F9FDA6BED73CDC22) to apt
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys F9FDA6BED73CDC22
sudo apt update

# Install fingerprint reader packages
sudo apt install -y \
    oem-somerville-melisa-meta \
    oem-somerville-meta \
    libfprint-2-tod1-goodix \

reboot, dann User, Authent… und Fingerprint

Macbook Air 

I tried Fedora:
Bad WiFi and difficult to install propietory drivers.

I tried Arch and Manjero:
Very flaky and slow WiFi with all tested drivers.

I tried Parrot OS:

Nice, but the touchpad was difficult to use, jumpy, and the fonts not so readable..

I tried Linux Mint:

Splendid WiFi but no smt devices detected, Network detection crashed. Reinstall...the same problem. No one could help me in the groups, even the specialist google had no solutions. 

Pop OS:

Worse. Programs got stuck alarmingly often, bad wifi and crashes of fontmanager every time..

I tried Ubuntu:
Everything worked out of the box. Bravo!

I switched to Kubuntu:
Everything working! Great. (Just the same apt dependencies error as described above)

BTW, I had to install the german gui for Libreoffice by myself, it defaulted to English.

sudo apt install libreoffice-help-de
sudo apt install libreoffice-l10n-de

Than I had to set the screen manually to 1600x900, using an entry in ~\.profiles.

It outputs current screen resolution as well as all available solutions. All I needed here is the display device name, in my case, it’s eDP-1. 

cvt 1600 900

Replace 1600 900 (1600X900 in my case) in the command to your desired screen resolution.

Copy the Modeline, and run command to add new mode:

sudo xrandr --newmode "1600x900_60.00"  118.25  1600 1696 1856 2112  900 903 908 934 -hsync +vsync

Now add the new created mode for your display device:

sudo xrandr --addmode eDP-1 "1600x900_60.00"

Finally Apply the new resolution in the Display settings 

To make Ubuntu remember the new created screen resolution at next start, you have to edit the .profile via command:

sudo nano) ~/.profile

And insert at the end:

xrandr --newmode "1600x900_60.00"  118.25  1600 1696 1856 2112  900 903 908 934 -hsync +vsync
xrandr --addmode eDP-1 "1600x900_60.00"

...more to come as the journey goes on...