Film – Delta 3200

Dev times

Real Sensibility is about 1250 ISO, be careful with Rodinal (grain)

D-76StockISO 4007 min7 min20°C
D-76StockISO 8008 min8 min20°C
D-76StockISO 16009:30 min9:30 min20°C
D-76StockISO 320010:30 min10:30 min20°C
D-76StockISO 640013 min13 min20°C
ID-11StockISO 4007 min7 min20°C
ID-11StockISO 8008 min8 min20°C
ID-11StockISO 16009:30 min9:30 min20°C
ID-11StockISO 320010:30 min10:30 min20°C
ID-11StockISO 640013 min13 min20°C
ILFOTEC DD-X1+4ISO 4006 min6 min20°C
ILFOTEC DD-X1+4ISO 8007 min7 min20°C
ILFOTEC DD-X1+4ISO 16008 min8 min20°C
ILFOTEC DD-X1+4ISO 32009:30 min9:30 min20°C
ILFOTEC DD-X1+4ISO 640012:30 min12:30 min20°C
MicrophenStockISO 4006 min6 min20°C
MicrophenStockISO 8007 min7 min20°C
MicrophenStockISO 16008 min8 min20°C
MicrophenStockISO 32009 min9 min20°C
MicrophenStockISO 640012 min12 min20°C
Rodinal1+25ISO 4005:30 min5:30 min20°C
Rodinal1+25ISO 8007 min7 min20°C
Rodinal1+25ISO 16009 min9 min20°C
Rodinal1+25ISO 320011 min11 min20°C
XtolStockISO 4005 min5 min20°C
XtolStockISO 8006 min6 min20°C
XtolStockISO 16006:30 min6:30 min20°C
XtolStockISO 32007:30 min7:30 min20°C
XtolStockISO 640010 min10 min20°C

Agitation: First 60 seconds, than 4 inversions every minute

2019/10 when in spain…

While on a trip in spain I had my RSS 6×6 pinhole with me, along with Agfa ortho 25, expired 1992, later dev. in Rodinal 1:100 semistand 1 hour, 20 Celsius.

Avila – the fountain
Avila – parador
El escorial
Segovia – the cannon
Toledo – the bridge

Camera – Cameradactyl

Finally a free afternoon. I went out with the (black) Cameradactyl 4×5 to try a few shots with the cheaply aquired, cleaned and mounted 127 lens.

Of course as soon as I arrived with my bicycle the weather went to light rain.

The tripod mount I glued in is not stable (looking for an idea to get it right) and while composing the camera was rather wobbly on the tripod.

Fuji X-ray film (Fuji AD-M 18×24 100 Bl. mammography film, one side emulsion), Rodinal 1:100, 20 Celsius, about 10min under red light with visual control.

The pic shows part of the eremitage, a long forgotten place where some monks once lived in solitude near the Nahe valley, Bad Kreuznach.

x-ray – eremitage