RSS 6×17 Pinhole Camera

A very nice ultrawide pinhole camera from James Guerin at aupremierplan.

Here is his description the loading of this camera:

Curved film plane?


The film plane is curved to ensure even exposure across the negative, not possible with a flat film plane with such an extreme wide angle view (141° angle view of equates to a focal length of 6.4mm in 35mm terms). T

A side-effect of the curved film plane is that it results in a curved horizon in your photos unless the photo is taken with the camera level.  This is why a precise bubble level features on the top plate of the camera.

Camera features

  • CNC machined body
  • Curved film plane with a radius of 70mm (focal length).
  • Large 6x17cm (57x170mm) negative giving 4 shots per roll of film (120 roll film).
  • Angle of view: 141 degrees horizontal, 44 degrees vertical.
  • Laser drilled 300 micron (0.3mm) pinholes (f/233). Pinhole material thickness = 50 microns (.002″).
  • Magnetic shutter
  • Dual pinhole allows horizon to be placed on upper or lower third (camera level)
  • Accurate aiming lines for composition.
  • Precise bubble level.
  • Standard 1/4-20 tripod mount socket
  • Rubber feet
  • Film spool tensioner at take up spool

Film – Agfa Ortho 25

I got some of this film in 120 format.

Dev in D96 monobath worked

Dev in Rodinal 1:100 semistand 1 hour, 20 Celsius worked with heavy fog

Agfa Ortho 25, Rodinal 1:100 semistand 1 h, 20 Celsius, pinhole

In this pic the fog actually compensated the highlights

Reflecta MF 5000 / Prime Film 120 pro

There were problems with shear endless initializing sequenzes.

I tried another computer (my laptop) with fresh install of cyberview X5 and short, direct connected USB cable, no such luck.

Trying with holder in, holder out, sometimes got a connection, sometimes not.

The german software site

had older versions than the US site:

I made a firmware update to 1.37 – the scanner works again….