Lightroom – Grunge look

​Grunge Effekt

1. Import the file into Lightroom and in the Develop module, use the eyedropper tool and do a custom white balance .

This is achieved by finding a neutral area on your image (gray or white)

Another option is to use Lightroom’s auto white balance.

2. Increase shadows (+85) and decrease highlights (-60).

3. Switch on clipping mask (J) or by clicking on little triangles above the histogram.

Move the blacks slider to the left until your image good blacks. The areas in blue highlight loss of detail in the shadows,

move the highlights to the right and areas highlighted in red indicate loss of detail in highlights.

4. Increase the mid-tone contrast (or clarity).

5. Decrease saturation

6. Increase vibrance to bring some tone back.

7. Add a vignette from the Effects menu.